Toltrazuril 5% oral suspension(compare to Baycox)

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Strength: 50mg/ml

Toltrazuril 5% oral suspension (compare to Baycox) actually kills coccidia with just a couple of doses! This is a revolutionary product that is safer and more effective than Albon without the unpleasant side effects.  While Albon (sulfadimethoxine) is the only FDA approved drug, the recommended dosing schedule is to administer it for 5-21 days, which can be costly both monetarily and in time. Trimethoprim/sulfa has also been used successfully, but it is typically very unpalatable and the dosing schedule your veterinarian uses (10+ days) is longer than would be needed for treatment with toltrazuril. There are also known adverse effects with TMS (rarely, acute hepatic necrosis and hypersensitivity reactions). Both of these medications are coccidiostatic rather than coccidiocidal as toltrazuril is. Use of a “cidal” treatment results in a shorter course of treatment and faster response. For these reasons we recommend the use of toltrazuril for treatment of coccidia in kittens and cats.

Toltrazuril is about 50% absorbed after oral administration. The highest concentrations are found in the liver where it is rapidly metabolized into the sulfone derivative, ponazuril. Doses up to 10x have been found to have no adverse affect in horses and 5x in poultry have been well tolerated. Toltrazuril has activity against many different types of coccidia at all stages. This product works on dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and all small animals.

Toltrazuril is designed to dose kittens/cats before the presence of clinical signs.  As Toltrazuril is cidal, kittens do not have to depend on their immune systems to eliminate the cocci as they would with a drug that only treats symptoms.

It is very difficult to judge when a kitten is infected, which is why administration prior to clinical symptoms is recommended. The intent is to kill the protozoa before there is damage to the villi to clear the infection. In this way, the kittens will not develop the normal clinical signs of diarrhea. If you can identify oocysts in fecal exam, the protozoa has completed its reproductive cycle. The drug can not penetrate the oocyst wall to kill this stage, but treatment at the first signs of a clinical case will still help to limit the severity and duration of the infection as the Toltrazuril will kill single cell stages that have not reproduced sexually yet.

Symptoms of coccidia infection:
The primary symptom of a coccidial infection is watery, mucous-like diarrhea. Bloody diarrhea and an inability to control defecation will become apparent as the infection progresses, and your cat may become weak and feverish, with related vomiting and weight loss. Dehydration is a serious concern, due to the diarrhea and vomiting, and can quickly lead to serious organ complications and even death. The nervous system may also be affected, with tremors and confusion presenting.

Dosing for kittens/cats 3 weeks of age and older:
20 mg/kg or 10 mg/lb
Shake well before use.  Give 0.2 ml per pound once daily for 3 days, then repeat in 7 - 10 days.

up to 1 lb - give 0.2ml
1.5 lb - give 0.3ml
2 lb - give 0.4ml
2.5 lb - give 0.5ml
3 lb - give 0.6ml
3.5 lb - give 0.7ml
4 lb - give 0.8ml
4.5 lb - give 0.9ml
5 lb - give 1ml

This product can be stored for up to 12 months . Store at room temperature, not above 70°F or below 32°F.

This information is for educational purposes. I am not a veterinarian, and my intent is not to replace veterinary diagnosis or treatment. Rather, to share knowledge to assist others when they seek resolution to health issues.  All products and protocols offered have been used successfully by me for over 25 years, and under the guidance of veterinarians and/or fellow rescuers.  Always consult with your veterinarian for all of your pet's healthcare needs.


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